Hal Fitzgerald

Hal Fitzgerald has been involved in the production field for over 20 years, as a musician, recording engineer, producer and studio manager. He is an accomplished drummer and percussionist with over 15 years of classical training. Over the last few years, he has had the opportunity to collaborate with some of the music industry's finest artists such as Lauryn Hill, Jessica Simpson, Erykah Badu, and Kirk Franklin. He holds a Bachelor of Music degree (BS) from the University of Oklahoma and a Specialized Associate degree from Full Sail center for the Recording Arts.


Michael Eber

Mr. Eber has been in the computing field since 1996, as a Software Developer, Network Engineer, Embedded Developer, and Systems Analyst. Mike is fluent in several computer programming languages, currently holds a General Class Amateur Radio License from the FCC which he received in 2001, and is proficient in Linux, Windows and iOS. He has been known to design and make circuit boards over the weekend just because he can.


Ian Dailey

Ian was the co-founder, President and CEO of Heartland IT Consulting, a boutique firm specializing in the implementation of Oracle ERP systems. Formerly Ian worked for the Global Inspectorate of PriceWaterhouseCoopers, evaluating individual member firms for compliance with regulatory and network standards.

Most recently Ian founded Vis Vires Consulting that specializes in the placement of interim/consulting Chief Operating Officers or Chief of Staff who provide the leadership, management and vision necessary for clients to have the operational controls, reporting procedures and people systems in place to ensure financial strength and the capacity for onward growth.

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